Year In Review

A trip around the sun: Another great year of growth and achievements

2022 has been a fantastic year for team WPDeveloper. With your support, we have been working hard on powering up WordPress experience for our growing community of 5 million users worldwide! Let’s take a look back on some of our biggest achievements in 2022.
In 2022, we have crossed 5 million happy users from 180+ countries around the world who are loving our 25+ WordPress products and solutions.

25+ Products

180+ Countries

5 Million Users

Contributed To The Community

Team WPDeveloper has been involved with the WordPress community in a number of diverse ways.


Largest Contributors For WordPress 6.1

100 Hours Per Week Spent In WordPress Contribution

Contributed To


All Over The Globe

Media Partner

Media Supporter

Celebrated Our Wins With 9 Grand Events

Went To An International Team Retreat

In May 2022, we flew to Nepal with the entire WPDeveloper team for our yearly retreat, and visited the most popular travel destinations in the Land of the Himalayas.
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That’s not all, nearly all members of team WPDeveloper engaged in thrilling adventurous activities together–from paragliding, bungee jumping and white water rafting!

Unlocked 4 Major Milestones

2022 has been a year of tremendous success and growth for several WPDeveloper products like Templately, which now has over 200,000 active installations! We also unlocked huge milestones for EmbedPress, Essential Blocks for Gutenberg, BetterLinks and more.

200K Users

September, 2022

70K Users

December, 2022
January, 2022

10K Users

November, 2022

30K Users

Held 5 In House Training Programs

At WPDeveloper, we believe in growing together and challenging ourselves every day. This year we hosted 5 different training courses of 91 hours for our whole team to improve our skill sets.

Work, Play, Repeated: 50+ Matches In 2022

It’s never all work and no play at WPDeveloper! Our super energetic team participated in daily table tennis and cricket matches, and became champions for the first time ever at the Winter Cricket League!

Snapshots Of The Team: #LifeatWPDeveloper

What’s Coming In 2023?

For us, 2022 was a big success. We have accomplished and achieved many milestones. For 2023, we plan on introducing tons of new Gutenberg templates and blocks, advanced new features for all of our products….along with something HUGE that you will want to stay tuned for!